Traumatic Facial Nerve Palsy Treatment in Delhi NCR

Facial nerve paralysis after an injury is sometimes the result of trauma, or there could be some other underlying reasons that lead to a weakened facial nerve. In cases where there are spontaneous facial palsies, intra cranial, extra cranial and temporal trauma or fractures can be leads to this type of injury to the nerve. There needs traumatic facial nerve palsy treatment in Delhi NCR if the facial nerve gets affected and surgery performed immediately in order for the individual to recover without any further damage.

The present study shows that surgical intervention with decompression, terminal-terminal connection and end-to post operation period results have shown positive improvement in all patients. Dr. Deepak Rathore is the best facial nerve trauma treatment in delhi NCR.

Facial nerve supplies muscles of the face which allows us to show emotions like smile, laugh, frown, cry, and anger. These muscles also allow eyelids to close for blinking protecting the eye. Facial nerve also supplies muscles around the mouth allowing us to eat properly.

If the facial nerve is damaged or cut, facial muscles don’t work. The patient is left with a mask like face without any emotion, eyelids don’t work leading to eye injury, oral incompetence leading to drooling of saliva constantly.

Thus, Facial nerve damage leads to social as well functional problems. If there is a known cause for this damage like trauma, then it’s called Traumatic facial nerve palsy. Facial nerve may also be damaged during tumor removal of ear and parotid glands.

In case there is no obvious cause for a palsy it is called Bell’s palsy. Sometimes facial nerve is paralyzed since birth, in such a case it is called congenital facial nerve palsy.

Treatment Options:

If the injury is a recent one, immediate repair of the nerve is recommended. This method offers best results. After 48 hours a delayed repair maybe done with or without nerve grafts. Cross facial nerve grafting maybe done in case the same side facial nerve is damaged badly.

I treat facial nerve trauma in Delhi NCR, we mostly receive patients early and I do primary repair for most facial nerve trauma both in Delhi and NCR locations. Early repairs give best results.

I also do cross facial nerve grafting for facial nerve trauma treatment in selected cases. I also do a lot of facial fractures and facial nerves may be traumatized in such patients, usually these are neuropraxia which improve with conservative management.

If facial nerve injury is neglected for a long-time, facial muscles degenerate. In such a case nerve repair will not give any results. Here I do static and dynamic sling procedures to restore facial animation.

I prefer to give sling procedures for angle of the mouth and eyelids. Since I am based in Delhi NCR (Noida), I get referrals from all over India for facial nerve palsy treatment. Many of them are neglected old cases needing such sling procedures.

I also do free muscle transfer with nerve repair if needed for facial nerve palsy treatment.

Bell’s palsy is idiopathic and usually recovers by conservative management. However, some cases may have long standing palsy with some deficits of facial nerve.

In such cases I use sling procedures or free muscle transfers for facial nerve palsy treatment.

It is important that patients present early for best result.

Facial nerve palsy may present itself after cancer resections of CPA angle tumors or parotid gland tumors. Treatment option remain like traumatic palsy.

A sharp cut of facial nerve will need primary repair. Middle ear injury to facial nerve will need cross facial nerve grafting. Old cases of facial palsy following cancer procedures will need sling procedures or free muscle transfers.

Delhi is a hub for medical treatment and research, and I treat facial nerve palsy after cancer removal also.

These are very rare syndromes; frankly I am still to come across such a patient with congenital facial nerve palsy in my practice.

However, treatment protocol remains same. These facial palsy patients need sling procedures and functional muscle transfers.

I am Dr. Deepak Rathore, I am a plastic surgeon, and we do a lot of nerve palsy treatment in Delhi and Delhi NCR regions Especially Noida and Greater Noida. If you or your relative is suffering from a facial nerve palsy you can contact my clinic in Noida for help.

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