Best Face Injury Doctor in Delhi NCR

Face Injury doctor in Delhi NCR

Face is our identity for the world. Any scar on the face can have serious implications on our psyche. Facial injuries may occur due to falls, direct blows to the face, or cuts by sharp objects.

Poorly repaired wounds lead to bad scars in the coming weeks. These scars can lead to poor self-confidence and low self-esteem in many patients.

Soft tissue injury to the face is very common. There is a wide variety of such injuries ranging from simple bruises, cuts to multiple cuts and avulsion injuries.

Simple cuts can be repaired under local anesthesia in the office. Complex injuries need iv sedation or General anesthesia for repair.

Poorly repaired cuts leave wide scars with tram track appearances. Properly repaired lacerations have a single linear fine imperceptible scar.

Soft tissue injuries are often accompanied by facial fractures, Nerve injuries, and eye injuries. These injuries need to be tackled along with soft tissue injuries. Fractures need to be fixed, nerves repaired, and eye salvage is also an important component of these repairs.

Dogbites on face: In the past to prevent rabies, Dogbites were not repaired in the past and allowed to heal on their own leading to bad scars. However, with most pet dogs vaccinated and anti-rabies serum and vaccines available we can repair these injuries properly to avoid bad scars.

As plastic surgeons we use utmost care while handling tissues, we make sure that no injury happens while attempting to repair delicate structures on the face. Since plastic surgeons are also trained in the fixation of facial fractures and microvascular repairs, they can deal with complex injuries more efficiently.

We are uploading some complex repairs that we have done in the past to give u a glimpse of what is possible with proper repairs.

Dr. Deepak Rathore is a renowned plastic surgeon and face injury doctor in Delhi NCR. He offers a completely equipped, state of the art health care features to make sure that his patients receive the best plastic and cosmetic surgery experience in a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

No different part of the human body is as apparent, unique or aesthetically substantial as the face. For lots of people, Face trauma provides problems of self-image and self-esteem to the front, so I handle injuries in this area with good care and attention. Unfortunately, in some expected some degree of scarring is Indispensable, but we do everything to minimize the visual effect of facial injuries and the surgeries and operations required for facial injury treatment in Delhi NCR .

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