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Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to compression of the Median nerve at the wrist joint. Multiple structures (Multiple tendons of FDS and FDP along with Median nerve) enter the hand from the forearm via carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is the narrowest in the middle of the wrist. It is at this site compression of the Median nerve happens. The median nerve supplies various nerves in the hand.

Compression of the Median nerve leads to weakness of muscles on the hand especially the thumb. It also causes paresthesia or numbness in the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers. There may be pain in the same region.

Clinical examination is the mainstay of identifying the problem. I usually examine my patients for the weakness of various muscles and make detailed entries about the same. Electrodiagnostic studies may help in confirming the diagnosis. Once I have confirmed that the patient is suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome, I make note of the severity of the disease.

In less severe cases we may try non-operative approaches like Splinting or corticosteroid injections may help. In severe cases or cases where the non-operative technique has failed, we do the operations. Operations vary from open techniques to small incision techniques to minimally invasive endoscopic techniques.

I usually explain all three techniques to patients and suggest which one will suit them. Once the patient makes an informed decision we go ahead with the procedure.

The patient will be required to wear a splint for a few weeks after the surgery. Full recovery needs 6-8 weeks.

Recovery is good in the majority of cases. Post-operative physiotherapy is important and should be followed religiously.

Dr. Deepak Rathore and his team of the best hand specialist doctor in Delhi NCR. He is one of the best hand surgeon Delhi NCR. Hand surgery is a field that deals with the surgical and non-surgical treatments of issues that could take place in the hand. This also contains accidents and infections. It's a wide term that includes numerous procedures. The main aim of hand surgery is to restore finger and hand function, while seeking to help make the hand look as usual as possible.

Hand surgery involves a huge array of surgery on the hand. Plastic surgeon who does hand surgery not just guarantees the action of the hand, but additionally makes attempts to increase the aesthetic appearance of the hand.

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