Burn Scar Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi NCR

Can burn scars be removed? Is cosmetic surgery for burn scars possible? What is the role of plastic surgeons in burn scar cosmetic surgery?

The answer to first two questions is “yes, it is possible”. The answer to third question is lengthy but I will try to keep it short. I am Dr Deepak Rathore, (plastic surgeon working in Delhi NCR) and I will clear your doubts on burn scar cosmetic surgery.

I already have made a page on functional deformity “contracture”, this page will tell you cosmetic aspects of burn injury. Cosmetic procedures can lead to disfiguring scars that not only affects the skin, but also his mental state.

Constant awkward looks by people, decreased confidence in gatherings and feeling of depression is quite common with scars. These are particularly concerning if the face is involved.

Cosmetic surgery in burns have multiple dimensions, for e.g., we can replace the variegated appearing scars into smooth single shade scars by dermabrasion and grafting.

This procedure involves removing a thin layer of scar and applying a uniform layer of ultrathin graft. The same result may be achieved by multiples sittings of lasers in a carefully selected patient.

Various techniques like Z-plasty, expanders, Lasers, Skin grafting, and Skin flaps may be used alone or in combination to make the patient look better than before. We also used hair transplants to restore eyebrows, moustache, beard and hair for burn patients.

A Z-plasty breaks the scar line and reduces skin hypertrophy, which allows a better well settled scar than before. This is a type of burn cosmetic surgery that depends on skin rearrangement to give best before and after results for cosmetic scar treatments.

An expander is a 2 stages process where normal skin placed with a silicon expander placed in the first stage of surgery. In next few weeks this expander is filled with saline. Once normal skin is expanded it is used to remove burn injury skin and give normal skin cover. This is especially helpful in removing scalp scars and restoring hair after burn injury. Expanders give excellent results in burn scar on head.

Lasers especially CO2 lasers selectively does skin damage and boosts collagen synthesis to improve skin quality. These are good for early and minor burn scars. Patient selection is very important for good outcomes.

Skin flaps and skin grafts are good when we must remove lot of burnt skin. now these procedures are used for patients where we need a lot of reconstruction like nose reconstruction, eyelid reconstruction, lip reconstruction, or we need to cover vital exposed structures on face.

Plastic surgeons are specially trained to perform burn cosmetic surgery procedures. If you are planning for burn cosmetic surgery in Delhi NCR and need best results, then look no further and book your consultation with us.

We are among the few private centres in Delhi NCR giving wholesome burn care from acute burns to chronic burns. We use all technologies available to help our patients. If you have been struggling to get the right doctor for your burn scar treatment in Delhi NCR, then you have come to the right page.

Unfortunately, you have been a victim of a scary accident. The scarring might be most obvious in your facial area but the trauma has penetrated deep into your body, which means your delicate heart has also been damaged by whatever nefarious acts someone committed against you. Dr. Deepak Rathore for burn scar cosmetic surgery in Delhi understands how frightened you must feel about your burning faced scars and would like to help by making them better so that you can live a more fulfilling life - free from the terrible scars of yesterday. You must visit his clinic for complete burn scar cosmetic surgery in Delhi NCR.

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