Stem Cell Treatment for Wound in Delhi

Any injury or hurt to the body can cause a wound. Most wounds heal by themselves, don’t necessarily need an intervention. Most wounds just need clean dressings for some time.

Still there would be some wounds which don’t heal by 6 weeks even though all efforts have been made. These wounds are called “Chronic wounds”. Chronic wounds debilitate patients and decrease the quality of life. Such wounds also decrease productivity of the patient.

Advanced age, Diabetes, smoking, alcohol abuse, prolonged immobilization, venous ulcers, tuberculosis, and complex wounds are some causes of non-healing chronic wounds.

Chronic wounds treatment needs patience and expert care. One needs to find the exact cause of chronic wounds and reverse them to treat these wounds. Once the cause has been found, treatment plan for chronic wound is made. We have many modalities available for treatment of such complex wounds. I use these methods frequently for treatment of chronic non healing wounds.

Surgical cleaning is the cornerstone of any chronic wound treatment. If the surgical wound is having slough/dead tissue it will not heal. I always do a clean surgical debridement to hasten the healing of the wound.

This is a novel method which uses application of negative pressure to the wound bed. NPWT/VAC is a continuous dressing system which removed infected fluid continuously. VAC leads to faster healing of the wounds as compared to dressings. Continuous negative pressure leads to micro deformation forces which enhances wound healing.

The dressing is applied for 4 days, after which it is changed again. Continuous VAC therapies can be used to heal even the most complex wounds if needed.

I use vac dressings for treating wounds very often. Vac is easily available in Delhi NCR. Vac has very good applications in traumatic wounds and bedsores. Noida has a lot of geriatric population and bedsore calls are quite common. We advise VAC for such bedsore patients in Noida who cannot mobilize.

Some wounds (especially long-standing ulcers and burn wounds) don’t heal well with any of the methods. Such wounds are resistant to conventional methods.

Here we use stem cell treatments, stem cells are primordial cells from which the body is made at the time of birth. These stem cells have extraordinary growth potential and healing powers. In adults we use Fat or blood to isolate stem cells for treatment of wounds. The process takes about 1-2 hours, once stem cells are isolated for treatment of wounds they are injected into the wound for healing.

These stem cells have the capacity to turn into any body cell required. They also have a lot of growth factors which help in wound healing.

Stem cell treatment for wounds is available at our clinic in Delhi NCR. We are amongst few centers providing stem cell treatment for wounds in Delhi NCR. Isolation of stem cells from fat is an elaborate process and we have all facilities to do the procedure.

Sometimes there is low blood flow in the chronic wounds which inhibit healing of such wounds due to low oxygen. Oxygen can be given at high atmospheric pressure to such patients using specialized equipment to deliver higher oxygen concentrations to the wound. This helps in healing of the wound via hyperbaric oxygen.

We utilize this therapy in highly resistant cases. Hyperbaric therapy has good results, but it is to be used with caution. Not all patients are fit to receive this therapy. Patient selection for hyperbaric therapy is very important.

There are synthetic skin substitutes like Integra, BTM and Collagen which can be used to heal very complex wounds with exposed vital structures.

Integra or BTM are dermal substitutes, I use these in traumatic wounds with exposed tendons or bones. I also use Integra and BTM in diabetic foots and other diabetic wounds.

I also use integra in burn patients for reconstructions especially after contracture release. Integra is used to cover the nerves and vessels.

My Center is one of the few centers in Delhi NCR using integra and BTM for wound healing. I have had wonderful results with these new technologies.

Limbs which would have been amputated otherwise have been salvaged with these newer technologies. In case you are looking for clinic ushing integra and BTM for wound healing in Delhi NCR then you have come to the right page.

If you are in searching of best stem cell treatment for wound in Delhi NCR then only one name of Dr. Deepak Rathore is recommended. He is highly trained stem cell therapy specialist who has stated that stem cell therapy can be used to treat a variety of degenerative illnesses and has confirmed what others have stated as well, namely that stem cell therapy removes some of the major barriers to access many treatments people want. Not only is it non-invasive, it also allows you greater ease when trying to get hold of some of the therapies they need most need of cure using every type of methods.

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