Burn Specialist Doctor in Delhi NCR

Burn Specialist Doctor in Delhi NCR

Burns is a major health issue in developing countries. We have a burden of 60-70 lakh burn injuries every year. Roughly 10% of these injuries (6-7 lakh patients) need medical attention. Burn injuries are 2nd most common after road traffic accidents in India.

The problem is so huge that a national program was started in the 11th 5-year plan in 2014. Seventy 70% of these injuries are in the 15-35 years age group with the majority being women and children.

These simple instructions can help minimize the trauma from burns and help in speedy recovery. During my training in Safdarjung hospital (Asia’s largest burn unit) I had exposure to all types of burn injuries and their management. We are employing the latest technologies to help our patients.

1. Acute care of burns: Patients with extensive burns need ICU care and advanced wound management. Only Burn centers specially equipped with such facilities can handle burn patients properly. Hence one should only go to centers managing burn patients routinely.

2. Tangential excision and Skin grafting: One of the recent advances in burn management is early excision of dead skin and immediate coverage with skin from healthy areas. This method reduces hospital stay and improves the quality of life. It also reduces post-burn deformities like contractures.

3. Advanced biologicals: Usage of advanced dressings and biologicals has led to better wound care. Homografts, Cadaveric skin grafts are more readily available for use. We have dry and wet collagen available as skin substitutes. Skin replacements like Integra, BTM membranes are also available for usage in patients with less skin available for grafting.

4. Wound Coverage with skin graft/flaps: Most burn patients with deep burns need skin replacement at some point in time. Patients with early excision fare better than those who are grafted after 3 weeks. Whenever critical structures like nerves, vessels, tendons are exposed then flap covers are needed for patients.

5. Contracture release: Contractures may form once all wounds are healed. This is especially true for patients who heal by dressings alone or are grafted late after 3 weeks. Such contractures lead to functional and cosmetic deficits. Once these contractures mature, they are released, and intervening defects are grafted. These contractures need splintage for prolonged periods. We follow splintage and physiotherapy very seriously for our patients as these are vital for a good functional result.

6. Cosmetic improvements: Once all functional deficits are cured patients go for cosmetic corrections. These are especially true for facial scars and scars visible on exposed areas. Various techniques like dermabrasion followed by grafting, tissue expanders, Hair transplants, and laser treatments may be used for such improvements.

The risk of burns is continuous in daily life. From solar to those triggered straight by the fire burns, there is variety of risk and possibilities. The various types of burns and its severity and its difficulties, options of burn treatment in Delhi NCR, and avoidance are addressed.

Dr. Deepak Rathore provides advanced treatment for burn incidents to both adult and pediatric burn cases. Rated as the best infected burn treatment in Delhi NCR, We offers total care and help for patients for their fast recovery. Burn specialists at Delhi NCR hospital have many years of experience in operating burn plastic surgeries.

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