Face Fracture Treatment in Delhi NCR

Speeds of our automobiles are increasing and so is High-velocity vehicular trauma. Facial injuries are quite common with severe head injury patients (Road traffic accidents or falls from height). A facial fracture is found in up to 50% of patients with a severe head injury.

The face has 14 bones which can fracture into several patterns. Though we are not dwelling into technical details of patterns of fractures we have to understand that more than one bone may be fractured in one or several places in accidents. This makes treating facial fractures a difficult task in most cases.

Mandible (lower jaw), Maxilla (upper jaw) lead to difficulty in eating. Nose fracture leads to poor appearance. Zygoma or cheekbone fracture also leads to aesthetic problems. Orbital fractures may lead to difficulty in vision, double vision.

Patients are evaluated for other life-threatening issues before fixing facial fractures. You may have to undergo a CT scan so that we can evaluate your fracture and patterns. We may ask for a virtual reconstruction of fractures so that we can analyze them better.

Once pre-surgery checks are done you will be informed regarding the procedure in detail by our team. All fractures and their treatment will be discussed.

Most fractures need to be fixed properly after proper alignment. These fractures are exposed by hidden incisions so that scar is minimal. Facture segments are brought to their original positions and held by titanium plates and screws in place.

The implants we use are high-quality alloys of titanium. They cause minimal tissue reaction and are MRI safe. Once fixed these fractures unite in 4-6 weeks.

Patients can eat properly within a week. Vision is improved immediately post-op. Aesthetic deformities are also improved almost immediately. After surgery initially, there is some swelling of the face. This subsides in a week or so in the majority of cases..

Dr. Deepak Rathore is best face fracture doctor in Delhi NCR. The treatment of fractures of the jaw is frequently surgical, though this is dependent upon the limit of the injuries. Clean jaws usually heal independently if properly immobilized. Surgical restoration is always required to manage numerous fractures of the jaw bone.

If you break a bone in your face, you may have minor issues or important issues. The bones influence breathing, speaking and eating. You might need surgery to return to normal. It's momentous to make contact with your doctor immediately if you think you've facial fractures.

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